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I’m in a mysterious maze, my pains wearing off, and my soul relieving, I’m feeling at peace. I’m rewarding myself…

SPA routines resurrect through the modern understanding of Orka Lotus Beach Natural spas relax your mind with their aromatic scents, refresh your tired body with their healing effect, and add to your beauty with their alimentative characteristics. Bidding farewell to the fatigue and downheartedness of everyday life, you will enjoy the good relaxation of both your body and soul, thanks to the instant effect of healing hands.

If you feel that your tired body needs relaxation, your skin needs purification and regeneration, and that your soul needs a good rest, this is the time to reward yourself. As the top need of the amity of body, mind and soul for a good relaxation, a quiet atmosphere, relaxing herb scents and purifying therapies will be best offered to you by your spa team. Feel the most pleasant good relaxation